Reading Tarot Intuitively

A Guided Journey to Strengthen Your Connection With Your Inner High Priestess

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The ability to read tarot intuitively exists within each of us. The extent to which we're able to channel that intuition varies, however, and sometimes our ability to do so isn't as strong as we'd like it to be.

I designed this course specifically for students of tarot who are looking to move beyond the static, traditional interpretations of tarot and bring something dynamic, creative and unique to their readings. If you've heard that intuition can't be learned, think again--by actively engaging with the videos and exercises provided in this course, you'll see a measurable improvement in your intuitive tarot reading game and build confidence in your ability to provide rich, unique readings.

This course is perfect for...

--Those who would like their readings to be more fluid, fluent, and seamless.

--Those who want to become a) more connected with their intuitive abilities, and b) want to use those abilities to improve the quality of their readings.

--Those who want their readings to speak more directly to the needs of their querent.

--Those who would like to improve their ability to read a spread more organically and holistically.

The following is an outline of the course. It will include five videos totaling roughly 80 minutes and a pdf workbook with six in-depth exercises specifically designed to help you hone your intuitive reading skills. These exercises can be applied beyond the scope of the course and provide a solid foundation upon which to build your skill set as a tarot reader.

These methods and practices have proven useful throughout my journey as a tarot reader. I'm excited to share them with you, and I look forward to seeing you this summer!

Intro (Video + Corresponding Text)

What is intuitive tarot reading?

Why should I hone my intuitive reading skills? Is it possible to “learn” to read intuitively?

Recommended course materials.

Module One

Pathworking: Developing a Personal Relationship With Each Card

What Is Pathworking? (text)

Video: Guided instructions on how to enter into an alpha state and "take a walk" in each card and a guided meditation for pathworking a specific tarot card.

Exercise: Engaging the Six Senses

Module Two

The "Dynamic Approach": Encouraging a Conversation between your cards.

Case Study: Comparing the Same Card from Three Different Decks (video + exercise)

Video: Some basic examples of how two cards interact with one another (interaction of elements, images, tone, etc). I'll compare the same card from two decks, noting the differences and similarities that exist between them and how to incorporate new depictions and symbolism into a previously understood meaning.

Exercise: I’ll provide a pdf with a depiction of the same card from the third deck along with questions designed to facilitate deep exploration of imagery and symbolism and a cohesive blending of traditional and intuitive meanings.

*Tentative Card: Two of Swords

*Tentative decks: The Wild Unknown, RWS, and the Vision Quest Tarot

Module Three

Trusting Yourself: How to get in touch with your inner wisdom and give it a voice.

Video: An exploration touching on intuitive hits, theories on where they come from and how to allow them to enter into your readings. This video will adopt a less instructive tone in favor of a motivational one—the goal is to help empower students to find their unique “tarot voice” and to begin trusting the thoughts, impulses, and feelings that arise during a reading that aren’t solely inspired by the images on the cards. This is where the “magick” of tarot comes into play, and I want those who have trouble accessing the inner voice of their divine feminine to feel like perhaps they’re ready to surrender a bit of control and do so.

Exercise One: "Rock" It--guided crystal energy attunement

Exercise Two: Honoring Synchronicities

Module Four

"Sitter-Centered": Speaking to the Needs of Your Querent

Video: Regarding the intuitive connection between reader/client and how important it can be in terms of giving a good reading.

Exercise One: Analyzing Tarot Queries

Exercise Two: Creating Tarot Spreads that Invite Intuition

Course Conclusion

A Tarot Reading From Me to You and Closing Thoughts

Video: I’ll wrap up the course with a reading delivered especially for students that directly relates to the subject matter we’ve explored in the course. The goal here is to leave students feeling empowered and capable of developing these skills in such a way that their reading abilities will be greatly improved.

Your Instructor

Jessi Huntenburg
Jessi Huntenburg

Jessi Huntenburg is an intuitive taroist, yogi, and eclectic witch practicing out of Philadelphia, PA. Her approach to tarot is influenced by an academic background in literature and critical theory, esoteric spirituality, and a deep interest in the dynamism of the human experience. Her interest in tarot was piqued around the same time she began performing ritual and meditation, so the two organically bloomed into a dual practice of self-reflection and soul work.

During a period of intense psycho-spiritual work, Jessi felt called to offer her services as a tarot reader to help guide and support others on their journey. Her belief that a personal tarot practice can heal and reveal inspires her to share her knowledge and experience with tarot students and enthusiasts through educational materials found on both her website and Youtube channel.

Jessi contributes monthly tarotscopes to Siobhan’s Mirror and is a co-host of Spread This, Witches, a fortnightly videocast that marries the world of tarot and witchcraft. She’s the founder and administrator of Tarot for Spirit, an online group that explores the intersection of tarot and spirituality, and the author of A Ritual of Forgiveness, a free e-book that details her seven-day process of release and closure. She considers her ability to practice tarot a sacred gift, and is truly grateful to share that gift with the spiritual community. You can learn more about her services by visiting www.jessihuntenburg.com.

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